Arts Off Broadway continues efforts to discover and develop new talent. We have classes and workshops for acting, vocal training for character voices, singing and speech development.

AOB drama coaching and personal training for performance techniques include a holistic approach to the discipline of delivering a message through physical, vocal and various combinations of verbal and non-verbal signals.

The AOB Muse series of classes provides something for musicians and composer, beginning piano and strings for children, performance technique for woodwind instrument players. We also work with individuals on signature pieces to help develop person dynamics in style for solo and lead.


Arts Off Broadway holds ongoing auditions for singers and dancers to participate in a community outreach program. Participants will receive free workshops with special guest artists and training for preparation to attend a masters class for actors, receive dance instruction and vocal training for musical theatre.

Apprentice Program

Youth performers interested in a professional experience are given the opportunity to work with advanced performers currently working in the industry. If interested please send a resume to:

Practise methods that help your ability to develop imagination. Discover systems for problem solving by utilizing critical modes of thought. Increase self awareness through specific tangible skills. The disciplines of the tools provided from our programs will help build self-confidence, foster creativity and nurture grace under pressure. Check our workshops page for information on current courses.





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